Da Brat Doesn’t See Da Problem With Da ‘Surreal Life’

MTV News caught up with and to talk about Da Brat signing up to appear on the fourth season of the popular VH1 program ‘The Surreal Life’. “With ‘The Surreal Life,’ it was a real hard decision for her to do that,” Dupri offered of his friend’s participation. “As her superior, I felt she shouldn’t do it. But at the same time, she talked to me like, ‘If I went on there, [other current rappers] would want to do it. They would think it’s something new to do.’ She felt that as long as her life was current, it empowered her.” Da Brat added, “I think it’s gonna be a good thing. It’s gonna be funny fo’ sho. I can’t really wonder what people think, as long as I do my thing. I enjoyed it. I think people are going to love it.” Read more.

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