Da Brat Gets Crazy On ‘Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz’

spoke with ejams.com about her new album ‘Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz’, which she declares, “It’s finna be crazy. Crazier than ‘Funkdafied’, and not because this is my most recent piece. It’s just that the maturity is there.” The female rapper added, “Mother fu**ers take you through the ringer and you learn so much. And I just feel like I’m there now and I’m so ready to just put all this sh** out. These past three years since [her last CD] ‘Unrestricted’, I been like mad busy the whole time. I ain’t just been laying around, not doing nothing. Worrying, just waiting to come out. I’ve been just doing my thing. I’ve been writing for other people. I’ve been tightening up my craft, my business, like my production company ‘Thowin’ Tantrums Entertainment.’ I’ve been just getting sh** right on every level. Plus I just wanted to wait in the wings to see what everybody was doing. To see what I was gonna do to smash ’em. And that is ‘Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz’.” Audio at ejams.com has since been removed.

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