Damon Dash And Jay-Z In Property Battle

The New York Post reports that last week, was expecting to buy Peter Arnell’s TriBeCa penthouse — with 10,000 square feet plus 4,000 square feet more of terraces — for $7.5 million. But before the contract could be signed, Arnell turned around and sold the place to Roc-A-Fella records partner for the same price, and allegedly cutting out the broker who was repping both music moguls, Corcoran’s Wilbur Gonzalez. So is there more beef to Damon and Jay-Z’s already rumored to be rocky relationship? “Yes, it’s true, I was trying to buy the apartment. But Jay had no idea I was trying to buy the apartment,” Dash said via his rep. “It seems like Peter was trying to get out of the fee. I am surprised he would compromise his integrity like that. He jeopardized any relationship we potentially could have had, to do business together. But I am fine with Jay.”

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