Damon Dash On Radio 1 With Westwood

was on the Radio 1 Rap Show on Saturday in London with host Tim Westwood. Dame says he thinks Jay-Z really is gonna retire after this next album, he also says that he’s gonna spend a lot more time in the UK as long as he’s free and out of prison, his quest to be a billionaire, and why he’s hooking up with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham to work with the Roc’s “grimiest” act MOP. Dame says he’d never do anything to sell out his brand.
The interview, about 23 minutes into his show (fast forward), and the Posh/MOP collaboration ‘That Simple’ about 39 minutes in — they play almost the whole track this time (and later they played the entire track after most listeners e-mailed positive comments 62 minutes in) rather than 1Xtra’s snippet, has since been removed from bbc.co.uk.

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