Dead Prez Talk Reparations

Contributed by AdamBernard:

have been one of the more outspoken duos in the history of Hip-Hop. From Hip-Hop culture, to reparations, to their community, they have never been tight lipped about much of anything. In 2004 they see America as a country that needs change and they have some concepts of what those changes would be if they were in charge. explains “we’d just start institutin 100% change from the grassroots up and the people that’d been the workers would now become the bosses and we’d clear up the game. The hoes would become the pimps. We’d turn the whole sh** upside down, and it’s not if, it’s when. We ain’t fantasizin dawg, we strategizin.” To read all about what they’re strategizing to do, and how they feel white people fit into the equation, click here.

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