Debbie Fears For Eminem’s Life

’s mother Debbie Nelson tells ‘Celebrity Justice’ she is worried about getting a call that someone has taken her son out, citing the “violent” and “scary” music industry. When asked if she thinks she’ll get that call she says “I hate to say it, but yes.” Debbie admits she doesn’t really have a relationship with Eminem, but says she’s not giving up.

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One thought on “Debbie Fears For Eminem’s Life

  1. Hope kasakula says:

    Well in my opinion I think there is no need for her to fear for her sons life, for he is a man of his own, and having the fact that she wasn’t there for her. I love Eminem, I do think that he is wise and understands, I can’t blame him, just because as I am man from Africa, Malawi I think I know struggles and problems, for sure I do!

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