Debbie Mathers Says She Never Meant To Sue Eminem

WENN reports ’s mother Debbie Mathers is waiting for her son to apologize to her so that the pair can be reunited. Debbie insists she never meant to sue her son, things just got out of control. “I never intended to sue my son. The lawsuit was my attempt to hold on to my home,” Debbie said. “I’d given Marshall my trailer to rent when I moved back to Missouri. But Kim fell behind with the payments. I figured I had to sell it to pay the debt, but she wouldn’t let me. She threatened me with a lawyer, so I consulted one myself. Then the whole thing just escalated. The first thing I knew, I swear, was when Marshall rang me and said, ‘Mom, why are you suing me for $10 million?’ I nearly fell over. It was ludicrous. Then word got out and the world saw me as an evil bitch from hell. What mother sues her own son? I was cursed in public, spat at in shopping malls.”

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