Def Poetry Jam’s Verbal Shock & Awe On GE Network

Last night’s Last Call with Carson Daly included a pretty gutsy-to-air on NBC (GE) rap from a member of the Def Poetry Jam. A white guy rapped, “There is a terrorist threat in America, and we can barely detect that our country’s been wrecked by barbarians. Derelict clerics with exotic names like Trent Lott and Katherine Harris. I’m going to Paris because they killed democracy in Florida. Quick, call the coroner. There’s been a hostile takeover of the red, white and blue. They finance corporate mergers so when Enron and congress do it, everybody gets screwed. They’re holding hostages in hot factories overseas. They torture their victims with long hours and slave wages. They crave little girls, mostly Southeast Asian and Haitian. I’ve seen the videotapes, so R. Kelly isn’t the only one who should be charged with child molestation. There is a terrorist threat in the land, and it’s not just the boy bands. They have a plan. It’s inherited through history. They destroyed the native tribes. Now, each July, they celebrate their victory. Instead of making things more equal, they build prisons for poor people, pass out petty bids and life sentences to kids for selling weed and other sedatives, but they disregard the evidence when they select the rich white boy from Texas and declare a crackhead President, a draft-dodging merchant of menace with a feeble mind, and before he bombs Saddam on my dime, he better send weapons inspectors into Columbine. There is a terrorist threat in the nation. They give tax breaks to big banks but deny black people reparations. They maintain training ranches and congregating clans. They want to steal Alaska’s oil and blame it on Iran. They Talibans and censor art for sport, they snuck into our law schools and hijacked the Supreme Court. Their money makes missiles. Their labs created anthrax. Osama was their pawn. Evil is their axis. Their skill — to kill innocent civilians because they’ve had lots of practice from Hanoi to Nicaragua, from Vieques to Damascus for agua and oil, gold, zinc and soil, they spread their views on cable news. They call each other George and Dick and Rudy, so next time you see a terrorist, kick him in his booty. It’s not only your right as an American. It’s your patriotic duty.”

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