Diddy: Biggie Wasn’t Supposed To Be In LA That Fatal Day

Diddy talks BiggieIn honor of the release of ‘Notorious’, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs talked about how Biggie’s death has affected people as a whole and how the film is giving fans their spirit back. “It changed me,” Diddy said of B.I.G.’s murder. “It broke my heart. it took my spirit. I can honestly say and confess, me making music, me producing music hasn’t been the same since Biggie passed away. It hasn’t been fun for me… I was still doing my thing at 80%, but a major part of me was gone and I just wasn’t having fun.” Diddy said seeing the movie “made me want to get my spirit back.”

In part two, Diddy says Biggie wasn’t supposed to be in Los Angeles the day that he was killed. He was supposed to go to London, but instead wanted to stay around to hang out with Diddy to celebrate the release of his new album. “It was a call that I’ll always remember,” Diddy said. “There wasn’t a way for me to talk him out of it. I didn’t run Biggie. The call just plays over and over in my head. What if he just got on the plane?”

In part three, Diddy said that despite all the talk, there was “so much love and admiration” between Biggie and . “The whole east west thing started, we were caught off guard, and that broke my man’s heart,” Diddy said. “He did not make ‘Who Shot Ya’ about Tupac. That freestyle was done a long long time ago. The crazy thing about music is that things come to fruition. You got to watch what you put out.” Diddy added that when Tupac got shot, he could feel Biggie praying everything was alright. “We didn’t care about nothing that was done before, we were like, c’mon, pull through, pull through. After that, Big was depressed for days.”

Watch the three part commentary below.

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One thought on “Diddy: Biggie Wasn’t Supposed To Be In LA That Fatal Day

  1. Marquita (Keda716) says:

    Um,words can’t express as a true fan from the beginning and infinity for real how devastated and torn I am behind the lost of two fallen soldiers (angels even). Tupac was a lyrical genius and phenomenon that I don’t think anyone will ever truly understand. He had no fears or inhibitions and just lived life to the fullest not ever taking in consideration the consequences. I believe we all have that carefree, bold side to us but think twice about it therefore, we don’t act on those impulses. I admire him, he was eccentric and political and in some ways, I believe that his tragic death could be linked to officials or some wrong doings in the past that caught up with him or even that the person involved is no longer among us. Its hard to believe that someone could hold something such as murdering him a secret for so long and no leak it to anyone but who knows for the right price they might. Nonetheless I love him and it just brings tears to my eyes every time I hear his named mentioned. I feel such a deep connection to him and that’s amazing when I wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to have met him. I look in his eyes and they are so mysterious and saddened, there was lost and traumatized aura that illuminated from them that pleaded with the world to love me; honor me; and never ever forget me. “Look past my faults and just take me for who I am and the many talents that I have bestowed upon you”. I don’t believe Notorious B.I.G. had anything to do with his murder at all and fully accept P. Diddy’s synopsis of how they actually loved and admired one another it was just “business”. Unfortunately Tupac’s fate was sealed the moment he signed on that dotted line whether directly or indirectly and as for B.I.G. he was a victim of circumstance which in itself is just so utterly sad. God have mercy on their souls. And whoever was responsible the only thing I can say to that is you will pay repentance for ending the young lives of these two gifted, free-spirited individuals.

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