Diddy Blasts John McCain’s VP Selection

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, talking about the selection of Sarah Palin by John McCain as his vice presidential runningmate. “John you are bugging the fu** out. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but things happen, what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, like come on. Sarah [Palin]? If you really thing we’re gonna let you win this election with these crazy decisions that you’re making, you’re buggin. I’m calling all youth, all colors, all youth voters, November 4th, we have to protect our future, because John McCain is bugging the fu** out. The lady is nice, she’s cool. She’s a heartbeat away, then she’s the president. She’s gonna be on the phone with the guy from South Korea. What in the hell? ALASKA?” Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Diddy Blasts John McCain’s VP Selection

  1. Amerie Lover says:

    Diddy is truly a shame. He is not representative of black people in any way shape or form. Thank God for that! I am black and attended Barlett HS in Anchorage Alaska with a beautiful young Black Alaskan R&B Star….Amerie:
    My name is Amerie, I am an African American R&B artist from Anchorage, Ak. You can view my latest video on the my website. I am not sure what P.Diddy is talking about in this video.

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