Diddy Is Scared Of Sarah Palin After CBS News Interview

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ latest ‘Diddy Blog’ features the hip hop mogul hiding under bedsheets with a flashlight talking about how he’s scared of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin following the Alaska Governor’s cringeworthy series of interviews with Katie Couric of CBS News. “Boys and girls, did you hear her,” Diddy asks after playing a clip of the Couric interview. “I’m scared… she scares me… I’m hiding under the covers. She’s worse than the Bogie Man.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

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One thought on “Diddy Is Scared Of Sarah Palin After CBS News Interview

  1. KYMOM says:

    SHUT UP DIDDY! SHUT UP!!!! I can not stand Hollywood right now. THEY ARE EX-WAITERS and WAITRESSES who are now over paid and think everyone wants to hear their thoughts because they have large bank accounts!! HEY HOLLYWOOD! Shut up! Do your job, so we can have something to do on nothing else to do weekends! The SCARIEST thing that could happen to this AWESOME country is that voters start taking their advice from DIDDY! He wants to be called DIDDY!! Okay? Enough said!

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