Diddy Twitters During Tantric Sex Session

Among the Twitter posts by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (@iamdiddy) on Friday:

I gotta stop. I’m tired and sore!!!! Ill try again tomorrow Go back to work people

For all those just tuning in. I’m 6 and half hrs in on a 36 hour tantric sex session. Welcome

How do I send yall some picts. Lol Jk.

6 hrs down 30 more hrs to go. Some cramping in rt leg but ill be ok!!!!! Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Lol

Ohh yea. God bless everyone!!!!! This is gonna be the best day of your life!!!!

3 hrs down 33 more to go. Let’s go people!! Do u believe????

1 hour down 35 more to go. Focus sean focus!!!

Having tantric sex!!!! I feel so much better.!!! Thank you

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