Dizzee Rascal Sees The World

Up until the past two years, East London was all had encountered. He’s the first to admit that the travel and touring of recent times has affected the way he views the world around him and, likewise, how he feels about the music he’s creating. “I’m much more open now because I see the world. Y’know, before I was just seeing fings here, so I’d see them straight head-on and now maybe I see fings differently because I have new experiences and I can compare fings, y’know,” he tells Australia’s Time Off magazine. “Maybe I was kinda ignorant, because I was just seeing what’s happening here, but now I’ve been able to see all these different music cultures. I’ve been seeing what’s been doin’ elsewhere and it’s given me more of a broad approach to what I do. Sonically, the second album is going to be bigger. I started working on dat as soon as I was done wit da first one, y’know. I didn’t see no reason to stop so I just keep going and now, apart from a few little things, it’s all done.”

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