DJ SouthanBred: Crying Soulja Boy Fired Me Due To Jealousy

Why did Fire DJ SouthanBred? He spoke with, claiming “jealousy” was the reason, since he was getting exposure on tour with the teen rapper. “This is a growing trend,” he explained. “And you will forever see with Soulja Boy, anyone he keeps around him.” He cited Show Stoppas having the new joint on ‘106 & Park’, where Soulja Boy’s group was in Atlanta while he was at BET to premiere the track he doesn’t have a verse on nor did he produce.

DJ SouthanBred also talked about a college show in Atlanta for an adult crowd, where Soulja Boy didn’t get the usual reaction from his teen fans, so he finishes the show and started crying. “I didn’t know if I was in pre-school again, and this guy needed a nap,” he explained. “I didn’t know if he needed his blankee. I didn’t know if he needed his sippy cup.” Watch the full explanation below.

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3 thoughts on “DJ SouthanBred: Crying Soulja Boy Fired Me Due To Jealousy

  1. Cali Angel says:

    I never heard of this guy, but I like him! I can imagine Soulja running backstage like David Elsewhere but not cool, more like a crying kid running for his mommy!

  2. illbrev says:

    let me explain…. If you know me holler at me CT, ATL, NC, DC, VA Chitown all day…Say something….
    Anyway I think that if someone hires a DJ and that someone blows up with the DJ by their side, spending time, working HARD and then they bounce and try to flip the game around and they don’t give the DJ Absolutely no respect then that sh** is straight Fu**ed up! No matter how you look at it! What goes around comes around. definitely! And karma is definitely a bitch! The truth shall definitely set a nigga free! Trust. Keep that sh** Real!

  3. Rakhia says:

    DJ Southanbred is probably a lot older than Soulja Boy so I see no reason for the DJ to have such interests in wanting to diss Soulja boy, those are games that children play, so I do believe that Soulja Boy was acting like a baby

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