DJ’s Try To Steal Credit For Interscope Bump Of Eminem Release

Syndicated radio show hosts ‘Opie and Anthony’ are trying to steal credit for having Interscope be forced to release ‘The Show’ a week early. The pair played five tracks from the disc last week, only to stop after Interscope sent them a cease and desist order. Greg “Opie” Hughes explained to the New York Post, “You can’t put two lions in a room with a dead gazelle and say, ‘Don’t eat it until we say so.'”

The bullsh** about the Post’s story is that the track had already been out for months (likely part of the hype spewed by Opie and Anthony). While the looped chorus had been out a few weeks prior, this claim isn’t true. The leak appeared to have occured late Friday, May 10th, when posts on Eminem’s own official site forum shortly after started the ball rolling. Opie and Anthony were only one of several stations who played tracks and got the cease and desist from Interscope.

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One thought on “DJ’s Try To Steal Credit For Interscope Bump Of Eminem Release

  1. Bobby Bigdyk says:

    Mr. Hughes aka Opie has a multi national media conglomerate that stems from his highly successful & award winning YouTube / Twitter accounts “Opieradio”. There’s a reason he was personally asked by both companies to join their sites. As for Interscope they had a verbal agreement to release tracks early with the powerful Mr. Hughes. They would then cover their tracks by sending a phony C&D order. Wake up people Mr. Hughes controls the media & half-court basketball trick shots.

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