DMX Doesn’t Like To Discuss Music Industry

MTV News spoke with about his new film ‘Never Die Alone’, though wasn’t too excited to discuss the film’s soundtrack. “Ah … I just get a really bad taste in my mouth when I even talk about the music industry,” X moaned. “[Label people] backed out of the deal at the last minute. Different labels, it’s like they get into their little feuds and the only one who suffers is me. ‘Oh, you didn’t give me this artist last time. Well, I’m not gonna give you this artist this time.’ You know, that little bitch sh** that record labels do, and I get caught up in the middle of it. … I’m not signed to anyone. I’m gonna put it out myself. God prepared me for it. My last two albums and soundtracks, I went off and recorded on my own anyway. I go in with my crew, we have fun and record. So I’m used to doing it on my own.” Read more.

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