DMX Fed Up With The Industry — Next Album His Last

Calvin of Sister2Sister magazine chatted with who revealed his next album is his last. X says his heart isn’t in it anymore. Asked why, he says, “Fu**ed up by the industry. It’s so grimy and petty? and picky and just like ‘damn, is this what it’s about?'” X continued, “It wasn’t like that when I first came in the door. Sh** done got real like funny all of a sudden. What happened to the love for the music? They paying muthafu**ers to play records on the radio stations. Paying people to play the videos. Rap artists, we pay for everything. We pay for our own promotion. We pay for our recording. We pay for our living expenses while we recording. We pay for the tour. We pay for the equipment on the tour. We pay the people that put up the equipment on the tour. We pay for all that sh**! The record company don’t pay for that sh**. They put up the money, but it comes right back off our sales. Then the split ain’t even fair. After you pay back all the money, after you finish paying for all your sh**, you don’t even get to split the money that’s coming in after that. That’s no split. You get what, 13, 18 percent? What the fu** is that? It’s like having ni**as work for welfare. It’s just not right. That’s what that show was about to me last night.” The full story at has since been removed.

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