DMX On The Attack Against Ja Rule

MTV News caught up with a heated , who says he’s gonna unleash a nasty diss track against onetime pal on his upcoming album titled ‘Ruled Out’. X explained, “I been thinking about it for a minute,” he continued to bark. “I bit him lightly, on the second album [Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood]. ‘Use to be my dog, you were in my left t–ty.’ The funny sh– is that Gotti did the beat. But I see he didn’t get the point. I’m like, ‘Come on dog, what are you doing?'”

What set X over the edge? “We in the club in L.A. one night, he got his people, I got my people,” he said. “We at two different sides of the club. Me, out of respect — that’s my n—a — I take two people with me to get through the crowd. I take a bottle of liquor over there, have a couple of drinks with my n—a, ’cause that’s how I am. Two weeks later we happened to be in the same club. Same circumstances. Some kid walks over to me and says, ‘Ja says he’s over there.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, is he gonna come over?’ ‘Nah, he said come over there.’ Get the f— out of here, man. I already extended my hand once. Give me the same courtesy. You can’t do the same as me? I sent him right back over there. You think [Ja] would come over there after all of that. Nothin’! I’m like, ‘F— you!'” Read more, including a slight diss of Nelly here.

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