DMX Recalls Groupie Who Didn’t Wipe

Complex magazine caught up with for a conversation where the rapper was asked about his most memorable experience with a groupie.

DMX: Yeah, there was one that took a sh** and didn’t wipe her fucking ass, man. I remember that bitch. She had a big ass, too.

Complex: Wait, she took a sh** before or after?

DMX: Yo, peep it. I was tired on tour, so I chose my girls, like, “All right, come with me.” She got in the bed. So, like I’m walking up, I’m just smelling sh**! Straight sh**! Know what I’m saying? I guess she heard me moving around or something, so she just jumped in the bed. So, I’m there just waiting, just sleeping. I wake up, I’m like, “Yo, the sh** smell up the whole fu**ing room!” I go in the bathroom to take a piss, and see big ass logs of sh**. Like four of them big logs of sh**. But I noticed there was no toilet tissue in there.

Complex: Interesting. Maybe she…

DMX: Nah, there was sh**. Paper’s supposed to be the last thing in toilet. Paper goes on top of the sh**. So I saw sh** and no paper.

The full transcript at has since been removed.

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