DMX Rips ‘Old Slave Master’ Steven Seagal

rapper DMX wearing a Timberland jacket

, who co-starred with Steven Seagal in ‘Exit Wounds,’ snarls to Stuff magazine: “Steven Seagal is a fu**. He’s a fu**ing sh**head. With spray-on hair. He talked like he was an old slave master. ‘Hey, wassup? We’s gonna have us a barbecue.’ I was just like, ‘Man, who the fu** do you think you’re talking to? My name ain’t Sambo, nigga. Get the fu** out of here with that bullsh**.’ Or he’d pull some fake attempting to be friendly fu**. He’d see my wife and be like, ‘Hey, little mama.’ We laughed about it. Just like, ‘This guy’s a fu**er.’ He’s a asshole.”

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2 thoughts on “DMX Rips ‘Old Slave Master’ Steven Seagal

  1. Jr says:

    DMX is right on the money Seagal does know who he wants to be one movie he’s Japanese, next he’s trying to talk black my opinion the man is a joke a big fat joke who is a traitor to his country and a hater of President Obama they should put his movies on the Cartoon Channel that’s where they belong peace

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