DMX Says His Situation Mirrors Backstreet Boys

chatted with XXL magazine about his beef with Ja Rule and his ongoing trouble with his record label, and surprisingly brought up the Backstreet Boys as musicians in a similar predicament. Asked if he was jealous of Ja, X said, “I’d be jealous of the Backstreet Boys when they sold more than me. The only reason you think of jealous of you [Ja Rule] is because you know you sound like me. That’s common fu**ing sense, man. You think Backstreet Boys are jealous of N’Sunk or whatever the fu** they name is? Fu** no – they have better things to worry about.” As for his label dissing him, X added, “Goin’ back to Backstreet. They made their label huge and brought them in sh**loads of money and now they can’t record, I heard, because their label is fu**ing them around. I feel them. They’re real mutha fu**as in their own way, but their management ‘team’ refuses to recognize that sh**. I feel those men or boys or whatever the fu** you wanna call them. We give our souls to our music. We put our lives on the fu**ing wax and [the labels] treat us like sh**.”

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