DMX Says This Is His Last Album

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X was on Power 99 last night with Golden Girl, I didn’t hear the whole thing but I heard the last 2 and a half hours. Heres some notes from it.

– This is his last album, hes stressed and hes fed up with the rap game and he wants to do other things.
– He talked about his book coming out next month, Its about his life, how he grew up, what he’s been through up to the beginning of his career.
– He will continue to do movies, he has a new one coming out in march called ‘Cradle To The Grave’ with Jet Li. He starts filming a new one called ‘Static’ in January.
– The movie industry is easy and the money is faster than in music.
– He’s not gonna waste any more time on the Ja Rule beef.
– If God tells him to come back to music, he will.

– Talked about the records he broke, 2 platinum albums in one year.
– Talked about his foundation for single moms to get back in school, The Mary Ella Foundation.
– Philly is like his second home.
– He brought 2 new songs, but they need to be edited, so they have to wait for someone to come in and do it. When they play them, Philly will decide the single.
– Talked about how f*cked up the game got. He said he made DefJam 140 something million dollars in 1 year and didn’t get the promotion he should have gotten.
– When he first got to DefJam, it was like a family, now they sold half of it, its not the same.
– The name of the new album will be either “It’s Not A Game” or “The Final Call.”
– Being on stage is better than sex for him.
– He looks forward to preaching, there will be more love and no haters in church.
– They take some call.
– He wants to do a song with Philly’s Most Wanted, he likes their style.
– There is a few homo thugs runnin around.
– His wife was ok with it when he told her this was gonna be his last album, he wants to take time off to spend time with his 4 month old and 2 other sons.
– He wants her to play ‘If Only For One Night’ by Luther Vandross. He was locked down when that came out it was emotional for him when he listened to it in jail.
– He’s been with his wife for 13 years, they’ve had 4 boys but lost one, so 3 now.
– He gives a lot of clothes and shoes to group homes he was in.
– 10% of his money goes to God, he supports 2 churches.
– He gave out 1000 bookbags personally in Chicago.
– Q-Deezy comes in from editing the songs, it took a long time cause there is a lot of curses in both.
– They play the first song, ‘We Go Hard,’ It features Cam’Ron, its a hot song, X comes off on it. Cam’s verse is aight, he sounds like he’s going back to the Killa Cam days which is good.
-The second song, ‘The Dog Is Out’. Hot song, better than the first song, hot beat, he comes off on it.
– They go to the phones for votes and for the people to talk to X.
– The votes were about 70% for ‘The Dog Is Out’, and 30% for ‘We Go Hard’.
– They start to talk about Ja Rule, they talk about Powerhouse and who is gonna be there, she says Charli Baltimore, Ashanti and Ja Rule, he doesn’t really like that. He says if he comes to Powerhouse its gonna be war, but for now its just the song.
– Kosmic Kev plays ‘They Want War.
– Tells people in jail to hold their head up, and tells them jail letters need new opinings.
– They take more calls, again most votes are for ‘The Dog Is Out’.
– They start to end the show and X ends it with a prayer.

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