Donda West 911 Call Released

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made on November 10th by those attending to Donda West the night of her death. The phoner called for an ambulance saying ’s mother had a heart attack and wasn’t breathing, they then were advised on how to perform CPR as ambulances rushed to her Los Angeles home. Unfortunately, the caller wasn’t paying close attention to the operator, and precious time was lost. When you could hear CPR finally being administered, it sounded as if the person performing it was strangely overexerting herself, almost hyperventilating. The 911 operator was getting increasingly frustrated as the caller seemed to pay little attention to what he had to say. “Let me tell you how to do this, you’re not listening,” the operator said. “You’re not helping the person at all. Have the other people be quiet so I can tell you what to do.” At that point, he finally got her attention and they began to perform CPR slightly better after several precious seconds had been squandered. Paramedics arrived at the end of the eight minutes, but by then it was too late. Listen to part 1 and part 2.

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