Don’t Ask Rick Ross About A 50 Cent Beef

Rick Ross talks beef
spoke with Kevin Tate in an exclusive interview with TRUE Magazine and Ed Magik TV at Def Jam Recordings, in Hollywood, California. The Miami rapper discussed his $250,000 piece, talk of a beef with 50 Cent – which got him quite animated with Tate, he got even more pissed off when asked about west coast hip hop. After plugging himself and various projects, the guy behind the camera asked when he could consider it’s enough hustling, prompting Ross so lecture about never being content. “When I ride around these streets I think about Tupac and Biggie,” Ross said, “and how they lost their life in the game, and how I gotta make sure I’m not a statistic. I’d rather do life on the chain gang before you ni**as bury me.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Rick Ross About A 50 Cent Beef

  1. matt says:

    Rick Ross is gonna get buried by 50…new album coming out he was waiting on this to happen I guess its one more nigga on the missing persons list

    ha ha now Rick Ross

  2. Tony says:

    I don’t think anybody is gonna pay attention to this “beef” it’s real lame now.. it was cool back in days but now it’s just straight childish, gotta understand the music changed hardcore and gangsta rap don’t sell, 50 Cent got loyal fans which will make his album sell off that but I guarantee this next album is gonna be his lowest selling album, he just got no buzz and lets face it the last to singles he put out “get up” “gets it in” has no fire power… I don’t understand why Rick Ross would go after 50… his music has been way hotter then 50’s for the last year and a half… and why give 50 the name out there when everybody was slowly forgetting him…

  3. matt is stupid says:

    I wish I was close to Matt so I could slap the hell out of him for saying that silly ass sh** …

  4. Chris says:


  5. Jamo says:

    WTF? Ricky is crazy or something lmao. And if he beefing with 50, 50 gonna get laid out.

  6. TSEDEQ says:

    Rick Ross is a moron.. Didn’t his company school him on interview etiquette. He wants no problem with 50.. 50’s a check writer.. Ricky is still an employee.. Stay in your lane and Stay off Jay’s d*&k…

  7. King Tutt says:

    When I Talk, I’m Talking for the Whole M (Memphis,TN) When I Say F Rick Ross! I’m Riding for Curtis. Not Because Of The Music, But Because of 50’s Past And Money. I Mean He Has Ended Careers. Officer Rickie, on the other Hand, Just Created His Own Image.

  8. DAT NIG says:

    50 is a monster. Officer Ricky is fu**ing with the wrong man. 50 is known for ending careers. He told the whole world that he would end Ja’s careers and he did. Ross needs to think real hard about this.

  9. The BOSS says:

    Rick Ross is the only boss around here… 50 who????

  10. killfor187 says:

    Fu** officer Ross the real boss is 50

  11. not mortal like yall says:

    Public beef is fake
    Think of it as a middle and/or high school he say she say on a national and perhaps global level. People say 30 is the new 20 when in actuality its half (30 is the new 15).I think hardcore and beef stuff is cool as a mob in music but morally I feels its wrong. The real bosses are laughing at these guys’ unraveling image. A FLAME FLICKERS HARDEST WHEN IT’S ABOUT TO GO OUT!!!

  12. mike slagel says:

    f*** Rick Ross! JONAS BROS RULE!!!!!!!!!

  13. R@MZY says:

    I think Rick Ross is wasting time that 50 cz as we all know 50 hasn’t got no buzz at all and he don’t know the meaning of what he does and plus he is Pussy No. 1

  14. Ry says:

    Rick Ross is a fraud. People are using the ‘boss’ tag too much. Slim Thug is a motha fu**a! He is THE BOSS! Neither 50 or Rick got anything on Slim.

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