Don’t Call Onyx A Comeback

XXL magazine spoke with the guys from Onyx ahead of the release of Bacdafucup:Part 2, their first release as a group since 1998’s ‘Shut ‘Em Out’. Despite the long time between albums, don’t tell the group it’s a comeback. Fredro Starr fumed, “It’s not a comeback,” explaining after being asked why, “’Cause. I got ten movies. My last album went gold. So what you talking ‘bout? Not a comeback. Little kids love me. This [record] is something else I’m putting on my resume to help me get where I wanna be. I never stopped working. I got ten movies, three years on TV. This is my fourth Onyx record… ‘Save the Last Dance’ [soundtrack] did 2 million. What comeback you talking about?” Whatever the case, the new Onyx album drops June 25th.

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