Dr. Anthony Griffin On Dr. Jan Adams Not Being Board Certified

Dr. Anthony Griffin, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, visited ‘The Early Show’ on Wednesday to talk with co-anchor Julie Chen about the death of ’s mother Donda a day after she received a cosmetic surgery procedure from Dr. Jan Adams. “Adams is licensed, but not board-certified,” Dr. Griffin said. “Every doctor who has an M.D. – and, in California, who has a DDS – can practice plastic surgery. But that doesn’t mean they have trained and have specific qualifications in plastic surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgeons, our licensing board, requires that we have training in general surgery and training specifically in plastic surgery. We have to pass rigorous tests and be policed by our peers. So, the public can take some solace, if you have a board-certified plastic surgeon, that they have competence and training. Unfortunately, Dr. Adams did not have that training.”

Dr. Griffin added, “Plastic surgery is serious business. And I think, from this case, we have obviously emphasized that. But, people have to do their homework. And … just because a surgeon is board-certified doesn’t mean you’re going to get an outcome that you like. But you can be assured that that surgeon has competence, training, and adheres to a high ethical standard.” Watch the interview via CBSNews.com below.

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