Drunk Kid Cudi Sounds Off On Fame, Ohio & Music

Kid Cudi

checked in earlier this evening with his Twitter followers, talking about how he’s conflicted with his sudden fame. The ‘Day-N-Nite’ singer, who admitted to being drunk, Tweeted:

I’m drunk noww and I’ma say this cuz ima real dude…. I hate bein famous but I love music and I love people liking my music and helpn peeps

You never know wuts wut or who’s who. Fu** this glamour sh**, fu** this celebrity sh**, I’m human like u guys. Fu** with me cuz u like me

Fu** with me if u like Scott, if u understand me. Mozt niggas who hate wouldn’t say sh** to my face cuz I’d rip their fu**in jaw bone off

I’m from Ohio, were the real niggaz reside. I rep my state forever. I stand by wut I believe, fu** this famous sh**

I hate it, but I just wanna get my music out to more people. To help more people so they don’t feel alone, like I did. No one should feel alone

Man most of my favorite artist don’t even respond to me. I’ma change this music sh**, ull see. with ease.

I got a flight soon, looks like I’ll b flyin drunk. fucm

I feeel numb, my face is gone. All from champagne and vodka and Red Bull. I tried jumpin off a bridge but my security wouldn’t let me.

It wasnt that high, I coulda landed it. It seemed fun, there was grass down there. I’m in Zurich, Switzerland, fu** it

*Note: Some of the spelling was cleaned up to make it more readable.

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One thought on “Drunk Kid Cudi Sounds Off On Fame, Ohio & Music

  1. Sam says:

    He’s got some issues that everyone can see..

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