Dude, Where’s My Mixtape?

Contributed by AdamBernard:

In a classic scene from the 1992 movie Juice, Omar Epps’ character, Q, is looking to sell his latest mixtape to a friend. The friend initially balks when he hears the new higher price for the tape. Q asks if the last party was hot. His friend replies yes. Q then asks if his friend scored with the girl he was looking to score with. His friend smiles, and says yes. Without another question being asked or word being said Q then hits him once again with the higher price, which his friend ends up paying. This is what the mixtape scene used to be like. There used to be DJs who would release tapes that everyone knew would have the hottest music and make for the best parties. Fifteen years after Q was raising his rates in Juice, however, the game has changed significantly, and the mixtape scene is one that, although crowded to new highs in terms of product, has been weakened to new lows when it comes to talent. For the full story, visit adambernard.blogspot.com

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