E-40 Discusses ‘The Ball Street Journal’

E-40 rapper

’s seventh solo album ‘The Ball Street Journal’ is set for release in the spring of 2009. He spoke with Flow.tv about who he’s working with on the project. “I think people are gonna be surprised on this album because I’m not going out of my envelope and out of my jurisdiction. It’s still me.” Watch the interview via MySpace below.

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One thought on “E-40 Discusses ‘The Ball Street Journal’

  1. Mr Tell Me When To Go says:

    Mr Tell Me When To Go

    I think that Turf Drop Was a poor attempt to Get the attention of the Turf Dancing Culture that the Architeckz put on the Map out of Oakland…everyone knows that if the streets is Dancing off your music its official..but every since he cut the Turf Dancers The Architeckz the Stage show is not the Same he got these other dudes on stage and they are not keeping up with the lifestyle on stage….but E 40 is no rookie he makes music for people who love him and who are fans of Hip-hop…

    But he should be more in touch wit his audience…..


    Get that new Album The Ball Street Journal 11/25/08



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