Eddie Vedder Relates To Eminem & ‘Stan’

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has weighed in on in Rolling Stone magazine. He says, “I appreciate the poetry in the lyrics. The way he phrases things is absolutely inspiring. I like when he gets informational stuff in there. And the song about the fan letter [‘Stan’] — I’ve been through that. Not to the point where the guy ends up in a ditch. But in the early days, I’d answer letters. They’d write back again. ‘I can’t believe you wrote, that was the coolest thing.’ Then five letters would come while I was on tour, I’d see the fifth one, and it was like ‘Fu**ing son of a bitch, you’re just like all the rest. I thought you were cool, but fu** you, you corporate whore.’ That’s when I decided you couldn’t keep up with that stuff. It was impossible.”

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