‘Electric Circus’ Is Sometimes Miraculous & Insufferable

Jon Caramanica of the Boston Phoenix weighed in on Common’s new album ‘Electric Circus’, calling it “sometimes miraculous, sometimes insufferable” and “almost never boring.” He added, “ might have more charisma, and Talib Kweli might be more intelligent, but Common remains the most popular of the practicing bohemian MCs. He’s handsome and engaging, and his songs appeal to both women and men. He given life to some of ‘Electric Circus’s’ more mundane material on stage. But the crowd gave him the biggest response when he rapped a few bars of Biggie Smalls and a few bars of the Wu-Tang Clan. We appreciate your excursions on our behalf, they seemed to be saying, but don’t lose sight of those upon whose shoulders you truly stand.” The full review at bostonphoenix.com has since been removed.

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