Elton John Found Eminem Very Powerful

Sir Elton John was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday when he explained his decision to perform with at the Grammy awards in 2001. Elton reasoned, “Because I loved the record and I looked for him — and everyone was giving him — for being, saying the lyrics are homophobic. I looked at him, I said, ‘You’re not a hateful guy at all.’ And I really loved the album. And I thought — it was a shocking album. I loved it. It’s like, I was talking to you earlier about watching a video last night by System of a Down, and I just hadn’t seen anything that, kind of, wow! For a long time. And when you see that thing, it stays with you and it’s very powerful. And Eminem I found very powerful. And I defended him and I got a lot of crap for it because I’m a gay man, blah, blah, blah. But you know what? And I met him and we rehearsed, and I knew he was a sweetheart. And — you know, he’s — for me it was a privilege to actually do something with someone like that.”

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