Eminem 1998-2000 House Owner Explains Auction

Yet more house auctioning news. The Detroit News reports Darren Martens is the man behind the latest Eminem home being sold who had a mind boggling $99.9 million bid that was later withdrawn. “He said he talked to his bank and they wouldn’t let him borrow that much,” Martens said of the home he purchased from Slim for $475,000 because kids were stealing his mailbox and leaving M&M candy wrappers on his lawn. He also is writing off the next-higher eBay bid of $20 million, but says his business acumen tells him the lower bidders — people with $2 million to spend — have a sincere interest in taking the home off his hands. “We think we have some real bonafide offers at $2 million,” Martens said.

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