Eminem & 50 Cent Are Hypocrites

Contributed by luciferelgato:

and are tryin’ to play both sides of the field. Eminem calls out Benzino for putting his son in the video. Well, Eminem put his daughter on his album ‘The Eminem Show.’ 50 Cent called out Ja Rule for workin’ with several R&B artists, yet 50 Cent has worked with Destiny’s Child. 50 Cent calls out Ja Rule for being in movies, yet his boss Eminem is tryin’ to be a movie star. Eminem called out for working with Bow Wow, yet Eminem has worked Elton John and Dido. Eminem claims to hate teen pop, yet he bought his daughter a Britney Spears CD. Eminem talks about Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, yet he goes wherever they go and promotes at the same places they promote at(TRL, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight). Both Eminem and 50 want credibility yet they don’t battle anybody that matters: 50 is beefin’ with Ja Rule (who is harmless) and Eminem has engaged in a bunch of embarrassing beefs with Christina Aguilera, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Moby. When they talk about people being ‘wankstas,’ Em and 50 need to look in the mirror.

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2 thoughts on “Eminem & 50 Cent Are Hypocrites

  1. Afi K. James says:

    These two clowns are a bunch of poseurs.

  2. Tharsan says:

    the guy who wrote this just hates rap period

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