Eminem Almost Pulls One Over On 50 Cent

revealed that nearly pranked him out of turning down the role in his big-screen debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ after he phoned the rapper for acting advice. “Two weeks before filming he calls me and says: ‘They told me you’re going to do a movie?’ and I said: ‘Yeah they told me you said it was a good idea’,” 50 explained. “And he says: ‘And you went for that?’ He told me: ‘You’ll be there for three months, on set for hours, maybe 16 hours a day sometimes and they’ll say: ‘Oh 50 can you make us an incredible record while you do that too?’ so you’ll be writing all the time… I don’t know why you did that.’ So after that I was wondering what I’d signed up to.” But later, 50 said Slim called him on the set of the film and said “he was just fu**ing with me. Em is a good friend and a lot of things but, he’s an asshole too.”

Three reports on 50’s new film at TheSun.co.uk have since been removed.

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