Eminem And Xzibit Diss Tracks Target JD

RapBasement.com has the pair of freestyle diss tracks DJ Kay Slay put out on his new mix tape. Included in the diss tracks are , , and another exclusive introduced by Eminem for his Shady Records star Obie Trice. Slim’s version makes mention of not only JD, but Erick Sermon’s jumping out of the window, while Xzibit refers to JD as “Tattoo aka The Leprechaun” and adds, “Why you always gotta sound like the next mans sh**?
Went from Big to Puff to Snoop to Jay.
Hey Jermaine, who’s di** you gonna ride today?” Then on the Obie Trice track, Slim introduces it saying he wasn’t able to freestyle because he’s in jail right now.

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