Eminem Changes Obie Trice’s Life

Obie Trice

spoke with Christina Fuoco of liveDaily about his debut effort ‘Cheers’ and how he managed to catch the attention of , who signed the rapper to his Shady Records label after meeting him through Bizarre from D12. Asked if he had much hope after giving Slim his CD, Obie said, “I really didn’t think nothing of it. At that time in my life, my whole thought process was all fu**ed up. I ain’t really seen the future with what I was going through. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God I just met Eminem.’ I really didn’t see the vision that I could be saved or found like that until I got the phone call that they were ready for me.” Asked if Eminem really saved him, Obie responded, “Definitely. Definitely. He changed my life around. He definitely changed my change in my pocket.”

The full story at livedaily.com has since been removed.

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