Eminem Describes Catching Kim Cheating In New Book

The New York Daily News has details of Anthony Bozza’s biography about , ‘Whatever You Say I Am’, where the rapper describes the night he lay in wait for his then-wife, Kim Mathers, because he suspected she was cheating on him. Kim thought the Detroit rapper was in Los Angeles, but he caught her as she arrived home in the wee hours. “I waited until four o’clock in the fu**ing morning outside your house, you fu**ing bitch! You’re fu**ing busted!,” Eminem says in the book.

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2 thoughts on “Eminem Describes Catching Kim Cheating In New Book

  1. autmn knight says:

    Hey what’s up my real name is Jacy having a great time yeah I am whoo yeah

  2. Nicole says:

    There is a NEW book, “Kim Mathers: Beyond the Lyrics” by Glory Rhodes and Nicole Rogers that just hit Amazon.com, it also describes Kim’s relationship with Marshall, his cheating, affairs and drug use. It is currently #21 on Amazon’s Rich and Famous list of Bestsellers!!!

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