Eminem Explains Paris Hilton Role In ‘Just Lose It’ Video

Rolling Stone caught up with for a Q&A and asked him about Paris Hilton appearing in his ‘Just Lose It’ video, who many think would be someone he’d be dissing instead. Em explained, “Well, when I was on MTV with La La it kinda slipped out. La La said, ‘How did you manage to get Paris?’ I said: ‘Well, I love Paris. I love her almost as much as she loves herself.’ Then I was like, ‘Damn, that was fu**ed up.’ I try not to attack people who haven’t attacked me first. As far as the image she portrays right now, as far as the way my girls look at her, do I want them to grow up to be like that? No. But for a video, for entertainment, that’s a different thing. The song is about goin’ to the club and losin’ it, and you get so drunk you say the wrong thing. And we needed somebody to punch me, slap me and pull my hair. Our first candidate was Jessica Alba. We couldn’t get Jessica, and Paris happened to be in town.”

The full story at RollingStone.com has since been removed.

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