Eminem Explains Why He Bought The 9MM Handgun

The interview with Blender magazine has been posted online. In it, Slim talks about the weapons charges he dealt with, and what convinced him he had to carry a 9-mm handgun. “I was like, ‘I’m not walking around with security. Who the fu** am I? The president? My security just stabbed me in the back. You see where security gets you? Fu** that. I’m a grown man. I’m a father. Who the fu** is going to protect my daughter if her own father can’t?'” The comment seems to be targetted at Byron Williams, Eminem’s fired
bodyguard, who put out a book and did a lot of press afterwards. “I was irrational,” Slim admits. “I was acting like a kid. I was literally in fear for my life — of somebody punking me, somebody snuffing me from behind. The truth is, I acted like an idiot.”

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