Eminem Gets Scared Straight

After his court scare on assault and gun possession charges, tells the December issue of Vanity Fair he was scared straight. “Nothing woke me up more than standing in front of a judge, and my life is in his hands,” he said. The rapper said that because of that, he will never leave Detroit. “This is all I’ve ever known, all I ever want to know,” Eminem explained. “I’ve seen the world, I’ve explored the world, I’ve traveled it, I’ve played in places; it’s great to visit — this is where I want to live. I don’t want to go to L.A. and get caught up in the party scene. All I ever wanted to do was to make enough money from music to be able to support myself and make a living, and have a future for my daughter. That was my plan from the beginning. It, getting this big — I never planned it.”

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