Eminem Leaving BBC Studios In London

was spotted leaving the BBC studios in London, England on Tuesday (May 12), offering the paparazzi a peace sign. Check out pictures at imnotobsessed.com.

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One thought on “Eminem Leaving BBC Studios In London

  1. JD says:

    Have you seen the latest promo idea they’re doing for Eminem?
    In Covent Garden, London on Monday 18th May they’re setting up a ‘Relapse Centre’ where you can go and listen to the new album in an hospital themed environment. With stuff like Eminem lookalikes, nurses handing out fake blood test tubes and surgeons giving head and shoulder massages.
    They’re going the whole hog with hospital beds and bottles of pills being dished out etc.
    It’s on 8am-8pm
    Check it out!

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