Eminem Makes Women Melt

The New York Post reports is making women weak in the knees, as more than half the audience seeing ‘8 Mile’ have been women. “I can’t believe that I like him, but I do,” admitted Victoria Balfour, a 48-year-old Manhattan writer. He has a wounded vulnerability. It makes us feel protective.” Read more.

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One thought on “Eminem Makes Women Melt

  1. sherri says:

    Honestly, Eminem is a talented rapper, other than his sexist, discriminating lyrics. He should really think about how he affects the minds of young men and boys. Most young men idolized him the last decade. He should think about his daughter Hailie too. One day she’ll be a grown woman and does he really want her to go through men calling her names and taking advantage of her just because she’s a girl?

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