Eminem On Total Request Live On Friday

spent most of the hour on MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday talking with host Carson Daly about his new film ‘8 Mile’, how he’s dealing with being the biggest act in music right now, going through the show’s ‘Wringer’, and telling fans why they should see ‘8 Mile’. The crowd was one of the biggest ever, forcing them to close the shades on the fans outside. For a transcript to the chat, read on.

Carson: Ha-ha. Welcome back spankin’ new trl live in New York and look
at the sights and sounds of the Eminem fans as “8 Mile” is released today
and the man who has done very little press has been nice enough to give
us the entire hour and let me get right to it and bring him out my first
guest a young man on top of all of his games with the no. 1 song in the
country, no. 1 album in the country and soon the no. 1 movie in the country
giv it up for Eminem.


Carson: There you go. New York is non na get a look at Eminem it is
such chaos out there that unfortunately we’ll have to shut the shades but
it is a real sight to be seen and in the history of mtv I’ve never seen
anything quite like it


Carson: We got to go come on.


Eminem: Yo.

Carson: I think we have to bring the shades down ’cause people are gettin’
out of control in New York city.

Eminem: This is crazy.


Carson: Hi, Eminem.

Eminem: How you doin’.

Carson: Congratulations, man I’m so happy for you.

Eminem: Thank you.

Carson: The movie is out. How you feelin’.

Eminem: Good.

Carson: Are you a little overwhelmed?

Eminem: A lot overwhelmed but, uhm


Proud, too. I’m proud too, you know. Roud and I’m happy, I’m excited
I’m nervous, all those things.

Carson: You haven’t done a lot of press for the movie


Carson: Obviously we are thrilled you came here you haven’t been here
in over two years but why come spend today with us? We are damn glad you

Eminem: Come on, man. Trl is one of the reasons that I’m here to begin
with, you know if it wasn’t for these fans, I wouldn’t have got to this



Eminem:  — Movies and thi thate this kinds of power and this kind
of control and I’m lovin’ it.

Carson: Let me ask you this there is not a person right now watching,
probably more viewers this second than we have ever had saying Eminem is
on top of the world right now, right here in New York on mtv. What sort
of thoughts are in your mind?

Eminem: Uhm, same things I just told you basically like –.

Carson: Just happy and overwhelmed?

Eminem: I don’t know what else to say. I’ve come a long way, you know


Eminem: I’ve come from like the ttom a n I’m at the top and it’s like
a fairy-tale life story.

Carson: You deserve it. We thought about you in the last couple years
lookin’ back when you first came in for “my name is” and it was like cue
have any idea or forecasted at all as we see highlights of you back in
the day that you would be here with the no. 1 album, another in the top
10, soon to be no. 1 movie. What do you attribute some of your growth to
in the past two years?

Eminem: A little bit of everything, hard work, uhm, my fans —


Eminem:  — Hard work and my fans.


Eminem: Not trying to toot my own horn.

Carson: Ha-ha but you are let’s get to jennifer today on the countdown
I think at 6 jennifer lopez “jenny from the block” she was here earlier
this week

[Inaudible] In New York she was out fil jersey girl in central park
got a picture of her and ben havin’ a smooch that’s no. 6 jennifer lopez
“jenny from the block” talk about “8 Mile” I think it is awesome, just

[Cheering] Obviously a lot said about how it parallels your life but
give us a couple broad strokes, when you were comin’ up you took rap as
serious as rapid does in the movie what about the puking stuff when you
came through it made you stick to your stomach you were so nervous?

Eminem: Yeah. A lot of the ideas that are in the movie is what we got
a lot of it it is from my real life. I remember this one time I was going
to do this and this. When we sat down with scott silver that, was basically
what it was about was goin’ through things that happened in my life then
him just writin’ a script and makin’ up stuff and gettin’ what he took
from, uh, from many sit-downs with me and us takin’ him around, you know,
me an n the fellas like takin’ him around detroit and showin’ him like
this the house I grew up in. If you want to find one slr to it, you know,
basically the life is symbolic to me but it’s also symbolic to anybody
tryin’ to make it in the music business, you know.

Carson: Was your confidence something lu to get later? It looked like
you struggled even though all your boys were like you are good, you are
good, you are good was that parallel with you?

Eminem: Yeah. Basically that’s how symbolic to my life not just being
a white rapper trying to mak it but comin’ out of my shell. That’s what
I had to do. Like was tryin’ to find ways comin’ up to figure out how to
get out of my shell and had people around me tryin’ to tell me and tryin’
to pull me different ways. That’s basically like a similar struggle in
the movie that’s why for me in the movie it wasn’t a lot of acting. People
think it is actin’ it not really is but just me.

Carson: Mer like recalling.

Eminem: Put yourself back in that place remember how you was and how
you felt then all you got to do is remember the lines and you are fine.

Carson: Most movie sound tracks fall a bit flat this in particular is
hot inspired by the movie and may be more of a showcase aftermath.

Eminem: Yeah that’s what it is.

Carson: Tell me about the makin’ of the album itself.

Eminem: There’s like 7 songs on there I produced myself then we basically
like went back and collected songs from who we thought either whoever had
good songs already, submitin’ them to us or who we who was important in
hip-hop in ‘9 because the music takes — mie takes place in ‘9 so who was
in important in music in ’95 and that’s basically how we did it.

Carson: Funny to here rockhim then and now.

Eminem: At 50 he’s

[Iible] 50 Cent!


Carson: Also on the soundtrack is nas, jay-z, jay was here yesterday
with beyonce. We’ll go ahead and get to this world premiere right now from
jay-z and beyonce “o 3 bnny and clyde” with Eminem on trl “spankin’ new
music week” don’t go anywhere.


Carson: Ahh, they are goin’ crazy world premiere jay-z wha’ssup to jay
thank you to them being here yesterday Eminem is the focus of the hour
we gotta take break. When we get back more with Eminem more about “8 me”,
which is out today. The soundtrack


Carson: And we’re gonna put him through the ringer and see how he can
cope with that


Carson: We’ll be right back, right after this:

Carson: Hello. Hello. Welcome back spankin’ new closes out, the finale
on friday, what a week it’s been and what a crowd is still gathered outside
to catch a gl the man the hour Eminem who joins us on this show right here,
right now we’ll get back to the top 10 for a quick second and talk more
with em we’ll put him through the ringer in a second. Roll down kelly clarkson
“a moment like this”, at 5 for the second day in row cently r a new track
she’s at 5. “8 Mile” is the film it is out today


Carson: It is only movie out today and it is great. Is there anything
you wan to say about people who are obviously gonna go out tonight and
check this film out before they go see it?


Carson: Like when I saw it, I was glad I didn’t miss, don’t be late
because the opening scene I think was important. Was there anything else?

Eminem: Yeah, don’t be late and get all your nachos and popcorn and
everything you want to get and pee before you –.

Carson: Exactly. Li to pee before the final scene.

Eminem: That’s bad. This I a movie if you miss one scene and see what
happens in jimmy’s life it might throw you off a bit as you go on so pee
before you go in.

Carson: Yeah


Carson: Or finish your popcorn and pee in the bucket at your seat just
don’t get up and leave.

Eminem: He said that, not me


Carson: Especially the scene where jimmy works, there is a gat scene
— never mind let’s go ahead and do this, we do this to all the big stars
on trl em was nice enough to agree to it. A few questions, nothing hard-hitting
whatever comes off the top of your head you can answer them are you ready.

Eminem: I didn’t agree to do this, but …


Carson: This will be more interesting let’s put Eminem through the wringer

[Background music]


Carson: Eminem in your eyes what is bigger the grammy or an oscar.

Eminem: Neither.


Carson: What’s the most outlandish rum more you have heard about yourself?

Eminem: That I was dating mariah.

Carson: Who is j-boog.

Eminem: Who?!

Carson: J-boog.

Eminem: Who?!

Carson: Who.

Fan: I don’t know.

Fan: B2dz K.

Carson: One of the dudes of b2dz K.

Eminem: Ohhhh I’m so stupid!

Carson: All right. All right. All right we are in the wringer for [Bleep]
Sakein’ settle down name one of your biggest incurities.

Eminem: My biggest insecurities.

Carson: One of them


Carson: Insecure about

Eminem: I love you. Oh, my god.

Carson: You can’t be helpin’ this is wringer stop it.

Eminem: My feet. I don’t like my feet.

Carson: Why do you think they are too big?

Eminem: I like my shoes.

Carson: Shoes are hot all right cool. Does anything rhyme — yo, please
does anything rhyme with spatula?

Eminem: Nothing.

Carson: What

Fan: Bachula.

Carson: Would I get back at ya.

Eminem:  What’s that.

Carson: Dracula, I got my spatula and hit when you I get back at you.

Eminem: You guys would know better than me. If I rhy that you won’t
see me here next year, the year before, the year after …


Carson: What were you for halloween or what did you do for halloween?

Eminem: I was me for halloween.


Eminem: Yeah!


Carson: Who was the last person you battled and what was the outcome?

Eminem: Ohhhh all the members that I signed to my label. I got to battle
’em first and all you got to do is stay neck and neck with me that’s why
I’ve only signed like three acts in the past three years.

Carson: So like getting not jumped in but rhymed in they go at you?

Eminem: Right.

Carson: What happened with 50.

Eminem: Well, everybody I beat ’em like —


Carson: Who is the judge?

Eminem: Destroyed them I was.

Carson: Ha-ha. You are the boss that’s not fair.

Eminem: No, it’s cool. Absolutely. I’m very fair. But I beat everybody,
destroyed ’em then signed ’em


Carson: All right. Finally name.

Eminem: I’m just kidding. No I’m not.

Carson: Name one thing that is missing in Eminem’s life

[Crowd simultaneously] Meee!

Eminem: I can name like —

[Cheering] 30, 40 like 40 what’s your name?

Fan: Tracy.

Fan: Annie.

Carson: All the ladies we get the idea


Carson: All right. How about a round.

Fan: Morgan.

Carson: He made it through the wringer, everybody we’ll get to the next
video we got busta rhymes we’ll talk to, a world premiere we’ll get to,
he’s with lala but first it started monday with justin timberlake “like
I love you” here he is at 4 with Eminem spankin’ new


Carson: Justin timberlake “like I love you” at 4 from tuesday’s perrmrmance
it was 3 yesterday. It’s not all Eminem today.

Eminem: I love you, too!


Carson: Thank you very much it is fitting she’s at 3 we’ll show you
some of that now and move to our next guest “through the rain” I’d read
you some facts about her but john covered them and em’s in the here to
— there he is Honk the horn.

[Busta Interview]

Carson: We got to take a quick break. When we get back we have minutes
ltt in the show and we’re not done with Eminem who will come back and try
to tackle our 15-second human trailer “8 Mile” is the film and trl is the
place. We’ll be right back spankin’ new concludes after this: Don’t move.


Carson: Well, finally just started to settle down a bit out. There it’s
friday, mtv’s “spankin’ new music week” has been awesome ending it with
Eminem nice enough to hang for the entire hour. We’ll go ahead and have
him do the 15-second human trailer for “8 Mile” for a second but first
no. 2 not quite enough to be no. 1 christina aguilera “dirrty” as you see
a little bit of this the next single is “beautiful” drasticly different
that’s about all the time we have she’s at 2 today all right


Carson: are also passin’ out I see. Oh, you brought C.D.S for everybody
he brought C.D.S for everybody.

Eminem: Yeah. I’m generous.

Carson: That’s very nice of you.

Eminem: Yeah, I brought give-aways. I hope everybody got one.

Carson: There’s two C.D.S.

Eminem:  Mtv is payin’ for it so I hope everybody got one.

Carson: There you go. “8 Mile” soundtrack being passed out mplts I see
your man on the way out the door

Carson: Every time with a big act on the show they do what we call the
15-second human trailer i’ll get out the way and really for all the young
people at hem right now who aren’t here you can talk to the camera, 15
seconds tell them why tonight this weekend or whenever they need to go
see “8 Mile” your new movie you got that all in 15 seconds.

Eminem:  I got 15 seconds.

Carson: 15 seconds on the clock please for em all right, begin.

Eminem: Anybody who has anything to do with anything should go see this
movie no matter what generation you are, not just speaking to one generation
if you are not from this generation you’ll understand hip-hop if you are
from this generation you will understand hip-hop or music period thib who
has a dream to be anything


Carson: There you go. Well said. Listen we are about out of time we
want to thank everybody that came out for spankin’ new music all this week
appreciate it and to Eminem. We appreciate it., Man thank you very much.
Best of luck thank you.

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