Eminem Proud To Escape Drinking & Drugs

The article in the New York Times that Bill O’Reilly was complaining about on his Monday show is online. In the piece, Slim expands further on his brush with the law and his drug use when he first exploded onto the scene. ”Fame hit me like a [expletive] ton of bricks,” he said. ”I was just being pulled in every direction, doing everything under the sun, two shows a day, touring constantly, nonstop radio interviews, and I just got caught up in the drinking and the drugs and fighting and just wilding out and doing dumb things I shouldn’t have been doing. But I came out of them and I conquered it. Something really bad could have happened to me. I could be in jail. I could have been shot. I could have been killed. And I’m proud of myself now for not only my accomplishments but for pulling through all that — my criminal cases, my divorce. If I was still on drugs and still living the life that I lived three years ago, I would be a [expletive] failure.” Read more.

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