Eminem Records Clean Version Of Song For Hailie

The Sun reports has recorded a clean version of his track ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’ so he can play it for his daughter Hailie, who sings the line. “The song has swearing on it so I made a clean version that I play for her,” he said. “There are still a few swear words on it but that’s cool – as long as she knows not to repeat them.”

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One thought on “Eminem Records Clean Version Of Song For Hailie

  1. brianna says:

    I love that song that hailie plays in I love his music especially when he talks about hailie he’s such a good father I never had a dad growing up and my mom was kinda like his so I relate a lot to his music I’ve been through hell and back I’ve been abused in everyway you can think of he inspires me not to give up and keep being strong I’m 21 now but the whole time I was being abused I always listen to his music he’s my idol In the song going through changes that song decsibes my suicide attempt. Over. Year ago after my brother died but I swallowed a half bottle of lamitcal

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