Eminem Says Prayers For Ex-Wife Before British Show

The Sun was on hand for and 50 Cent’s sold out show at Milton Keynes on Saturday night, where Slim gathered the members of his D12 crew and 50 to say a prayer for ex-wife Kim, who is battling possible drug charges. “The pre-gig prayer has become very important to Eminem and all the rest of the crew. He never goes on stage without having done it,” a backstage source revealed. “When they all got together on Saturday he dedicated it to Kim, asking God to look after her. He prayed she would be OK while he is on the road and that she should not be punished. Although Kim and Eminem’s marriage is famously rocky, the couple still speak regularly for the sake of Hailie. They clearly can’t bear to be with or without each other. He would be devastated if she were to get into serious trouble.”

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