Eminem Settles Lawsuit Against John Guerra

The Macomb Daily reports John Guerra’s lawsuit against was settled. Guerra, the man who Eminem assaulted with a gun after he kissed then wife Kim Mathers, will come away with $100,000 less legal fees for his ordeal. Slim’s lawyer Peter Peacock said, “I’m sure he’s pleased that the litigation is over with, the same way anyone is, I suppose, who has to go through litigation when it’s finally over.”

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10 thoughts on “Eminem Settles Lawsuit Against John Guerra

  1. Nikki Parker says:

    Heck yea I would have done the same thing you don’t mess wit people who love you love makes you do things you swore you would never do

  2. ... says:

    Correction, hit hit him with his fist not a gun. They settled, there was no admission of guilt. Unless you saw the Settlement Agreement…

  3. j-dizzle says:

    I would of hit that dude too,, you don’t mess wit people’s old ladies..

  4. McKenna says:

    WTF Guerra can suck the nuts I don’t got!! Eminem ain’t no criminal frigging A

  5. Sam says:

    Moral of the story: don’t be with someone who has a husband or wife and also don’t mess with Eminem

    I mean Guerra pretty much deserved it what did he think he could just kiss Kim and Eminem would go “oh sure you two be happy together”? its not like he didn’t know Kim & Eminem were married, everyone knows Eminem

  6. olivia says:

    I would of beat the sh** out of that trick. you don’t mess around like that. :/

  7. U kinow me says:

    I woulda punched him

  8. dillon says:

    yeah mane I would have beat the holy crap out of that Mexican mf, his ass ain’t got nothing on the real slim shady. I catcha guy screwing with my girl you best believe I’m pistol whip a bitch for that. Em didn’t even pistol whip him. like it says in sing for a moment ” your full of it Guerra that was a fist that hit you”

  9. fred says:

    Dillon nigga shut the fu** up Em deserved what he got

  10. devin says:

    Em is innocent of this bull crap that Guerra said he did ya he hit him anybody in the same shoes that wouldn’t do that is pu**y and never deserved that woman in the first place dude had it coming he knew he kissed a married woman surprised he’s still alive to talk about it

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