Eminem Sued Over Plagiarism

Ananova reports and his record label Interscope Records have been sued by French composer Jacques Loussier who claims the rapper stole parts of “Pulsion” one of his track ‘Kill You’ that appears on ‘The Marshall Mathers LP.’

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5 thoughts on “Eminem Sued Over Plagiarism

  1. sarah warrener says:

    Well too bad for Jacques whatever Eminem made his stuff way better!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. decovan mcswain says:

    yeah Eminem makes plagiarism sound better than yo stipid azzzz songh pulsion r watevah dumbutt

  3. xavier woodley says:

    this does not sound right

  4. decovan mcswain says:

    Eminem makes plagiarism against you sound better than your stupid song
    the “pulsion” or whatever

  5. xavier woodley says:

    ok then

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