Eminem Talks ‘8 Mile’

MTV’s Total Request Live played a news clip of Sway talking with about his upcoming film ‘8 Mile’, that has some talking Oscar for Slim. Sway also quizzed Slim about rumored relationships with two co-stars in the film. Read on for a transcript.

Eminem: The first time I seen the movie trailer I couldn’t see
myself on the big screen

Eminem: I Play a guy name jamie, who’s similar to how I came up all
I had to do really was go back there hi to like completely strip myself
of my ego and everything. But it’s in the exactly, you know, everything
that happened in the movie didn’t happen in my life.

Sway: Rumors circulatein’ you not only had a professional relationship
with Kim Bassinger and Brittany Murphy but a personal relationship. Any
truth to those rumors?

Eminem: With?

Sway: Kim Bassinger, her first

Eminem: Nah. Was completely untrue.

Sway: Brittany Murphy.

Eminem: With Brittany?

Sway: Yeah.

Eminem: I’ll never tell. Me and Brittany became friends, I’ll say that.

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